Lease Rental Discounting

The loan is provided to the lesser based on the discounted value of the rentals and the underlying property value. Lease Rent Discounting InformationLease Rental Discounting (LRD) is a term loan offered against rental receipts derived from lease contracts with corporate tenants.Lease Rental Discounting. If you own a property, you are liable to earn fixed rentals from the same at regular intervals. With Lease Rental Discounting from Bajaj Finserv, you can now get a loan on the discounted value of rentals and the underlying property value.

Eligibility Criteria

Lease Rental Discounting Eligibility

Documents Required

Application Form
User PhotoGraph
Identity proof
Signature proof
Certificate of incorporation
IT returns
IT returns & balance sheet & P/L account statement for the last 2 years
Bank account statements For last 6 months
Lease deed/ Leave and license agreement